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Red Sea Scuba Diving Destinations

Red Sea Scuba Diving

The Red Sea Brothers Islands (Egypt)
The Brother Islands, locally known as Al Akhawein Islands, are two islands of 0.1 square km one and 0.3 square km the other.
Ras Muhammad and wall diving (Egypt)
Ras Muhammad is a diving area located at the southern Gulf of Aqaba next to Sharm El Sheik.
The shore dives of Dahab (Egypt)
The Egyptian location of Dahab is one of the most famous diving places of the Red Sea.
The variety of activities offered by Sharm El Sheik (Egypt)
Sharm El Sheik is located in Egypt, at the Red Sea, and contains some of the most beautiful and varied diving areas of the region.
Wreck diving in Thistlegorm (Egypt)
Thislegorm is among the top ten dives of the world and maybe occupies the first place in wreck diving.
Diving in Dolphin Reef (Israel)
If you wish to dive next to dolphins in the Red Sea, Dolphin Reef might be a great choice for you.
The sea life of Sha'ab Rumi (Sudan)
Sha'ab Rumi is one of the most famous Red Sea diving destinations. Located in Sudan, this area offers a very rich sea life along with very interesting diving areas to explore.
The Gulf of Aqaba in Jordan (Jordan)
The Gulf of Aqaba is famous world wide not only among divers but among scientists as well due to the variety of rare sea life it contains.

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