Scuba Diving Destinations:

Pacific Ocean Scuba Diving Destinations

Pacific Ocean Scuba Diving

Bikini Atoll for experts (Marshall Islands)
Bikini Atoll is a diving destination mainly recommended for experienced divers.
Catalina Island in the United States (United States)
Catalina Island is a very popular diving destination not only in the United States but through the entire world as well.
Diving in the Galápagos Islands (Ecuador)
Galapagos Islands are an Ecuador diving destination regularly visited by divers from the entire world.
Rangiroa - A varied diving destination (French Polynesia)
Rangiroa offers diving activities for all type of divers, from those who are just starting to those who count on a great amount of experience in their past.
Bora Bora for divers (French Polynesia)
Bora Bora is one of the travel destinations most famous around the entire the world due to its amazing beauty which makes it be compared to a paradisiacal environment.
Tubbataha Reefs - Diving in the Philippines (Philippines)
The Tubbataha Reefs can not be visited all year around and can not be reached easily, but waiting for the right moment and the right way to arrive is worthwhile.
Chuuk Lagoon in Micronesia (Micronesia)
The Chuuk Lagoon, often known as Truk Lagoon, offers an amazing underwater world for divers to meet and explore.
Traveling to Yap Island (Micronesia)
Yap Island is in Micronesia, between the amazing destinations of Guam and Palau.
Palau Archipelago's diving sites (Palau)
Palau Archipelago offers a very wide variety of diving spots and water related activities areas.
Sea of Cortez's marine life (Mexico)
Sea of Cortez is a Mexican diving destination widely known due to the incredible sea life it offers.
Coral Sea and its diving spots (Australia)
Coral Sea is one of the most interesting diving areas of Australia.
The Australian Great Barrier Reef (Australia)
The Great Barrier Reef, in Australia, is a diving area in which experienced and non experienced divers can equally find a suitable activity.
The Poor Knights Islands (New Zealand)
Poor Knights Islands is one of the main diving destinations of New Zealand.
The Lermotov Wreck (New Zealand)
The Lermotov is one of the largest wrecks of the entire world. It was a cruise liner which was sunken in the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand at 1986.
Meet more than 1200 fish species in Fiji Archipelago (Fiji)
Fiji Archipelago offers visitors the possibility to meet over 1200 fish species, 12 whales and dolphins’ species as well as several beautiful coral formations.
Lembah Strait for underwater photographers (Indonesia)
Lembah Strait, in Indonesia, is one of the most famous places of the world among underwater photographers.

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