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Indian Ocean Scuba Diving Destinations

Indian Ocean Scuba Diving

Aldabra - The biggest Seychelles Island (Seychelles)
Aldabra is located in the Indian Ocean, close to Madagascar and belongs to the Seychelles archipelago.
The Amirantes Islands (Seychelles)
Amirantes is an archipelago which includes 25 islands surrounded by coral reefs.
Dangerous Reef and its sharks (Australia)
Dangerous Reef is a famous Western Australia dive destination due to the sharks which can be observed in it.
Ningaloo Reef - Diving in Western Australia (Australia)
Ningaloo Reef is located at the western coast of Australia in an area which starts at Cape Range and ends at Shark Bay.
Grande Comore and the four Comore Islands (Comoros)
Grande Comore is the biggest of a group of four islands called the Comores or the Comore Islands.
Komodo National Park and divers (Indonesia)
Komodo National Park is the name given to the group of three islands which is usually known as Komodo.
Bali and its warm waters (Indonesia)
Bali is the Indonesian area most known among divers from all places and one of the best ones of the world.
Lhaviyani Atoll welcomes experienced divers as well as novices (Maldives)
Lhaviyani Atoll is located at the Maldives and can be easily accessed after a 45 minutes flight from Male Airport.
Vaavu or Felidhoo Atolls (Maldives)
The Vaavu Atolls belong to the Maldives group of islands and are commonly known as the Felidhoo atolls.
The Similan Islands (Thailand)
The Similan Islands are a diver's paradise in which more than 25 different diving spots can be found and explored.
Watamu Marine Park (Kenya)
The Watamu Marine Park is a Kenyan area in which visitors, and specially divers, can enjoy a wide variety of different activities as well as relax.
Aliwal Shoal - A great top ten diving site (South Africa)
Aliwal Shoal is among the top ten best diving sites of the world and this is due to many reasons among which we can name its amazing water temperatures and visibility, the beautiful sea life it contains and the great different diving spots.
Meet the South African sea life at Sodwana (South Africa)
Diving in Sodwana provides a great way to meet and have close encounters with South African sea life and with sea species which are unique.
Diving in Inhaca Islands and Bazaruto (Mozambique)
Inhaca Island and Bazaruto are famous South African diving areas located in Mozambique.
The shores of Lake Malawi (Malawi)
Lake Malawi is a lake of a very big size which has shores in Mozambique as well as in Malawi.
Diving in Mauritius (Mauritius)
Although Mauritius is not one of the most known diving destinations of the Indian Ocean, it is one of the most beautiful ones.
Rodrigues - A relaxing diving destination (Mauritius)
Despite its beauty, Rodrigues hasn't become a popular area due to its reduced size and lack of commercial exploitation.

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