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What to do with your new diving mask

At the time of buying a new diving mask there are some steps you should follow in order to use it and wear it properly. Your mask is a basic piece of your diving equipment as well as of your practice of the sport, and therefore it is very important that you know how to handle it.

First of all, you should know that most diving masks are usually made of silicone, and some residuals of this material can remain in it which might become problematic for your diving activities. This residual silicone can make your mask fog while practicing your diving, and this can become a dangerous problem.

Therefore, you should clean this residual silicone before you actually start diving and you can easily remove it and do so. One way which many diving professionals recommend in order to clean a new mask is with toothpaste. According to this, you should rub some toothpaste on the inside of each glass and then wash it thoroughly with water. You should also clean the rest of your diving mask with soap and water as well.

There are some procedures you need to be aware of in order to defog your diving mask since these tends to happen very often. There are some defogging solutions meant for helping divers with this specific problem. You must apply one of these solutions in the inside of your mask's glass. You should never go into the water without having applied a defogging solution to your mask or it would surely fog.

The more you exhale through your nose, the more your mask would tend to fog. This is one of the reasons for which you should be relaxed and maintain calm while being into the water. It is very important that you always feel secure and comfortable when you go into the water and start diving, otherwise you might run into some problems such as lacking control over your body when needed. If you feel comfortable and relaxed, you will exhale less and more slowly and this would help you maintaining your diving mask defogged.

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