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The challenges of wall diving

Wall diving can be a very exciting activity for divers who already count with an important amount of expertise and who wish to go through new challenges. This kind of diving allows them to enjoy sea life in a new perspective and while practicing a different diving style.

Most divers find very exciting the way in which, by practicing this sport, they can experience different sea life styles and habitats while they submerge following the wall. It can be a fascinating activity which involves the diver's skills as well as it shows him the sea world from a new perspective. Although it takes a diver to have experience and it might be very challenging, it is highly enjoyable and most divers who have already practiced most of the other kinds of diving find wall diving a very exciting new experience.

In order to be able to enjoy every different stage of the activity, it is usually advised to descend slowly and calmly while paying attention to the environment. This way, a diver can discover as many fish, plants and sea elements as possible while practicing a relaxing diving.

Sometimes, at some wall diving areas, the walls start at a shallow point where it already shows interesting sea elements such as corals or beautiful plants. This way, this type of diving can be very enjoyable from the moment the diver enters the water as well as during each stage of the submersion.

Wall diving is also very exciting due to the fact that the diver has the wall as a supporting surface at the same time than he does not have anything under his feet. Wall diving allows divers to feel the fun of being suspended in the ocean, without any bottom below them but being able to be easily floating while holding from the wall.

Some wall diving places would allow you to see a very wide variety of different fish and sea elements. Near the surface, you could enjoy basket sponges or soft corals, and then, as you descend, you could have sea whips added to such view. If you kept descending, you could also see fish such as eagle rays or even black tip sharks depending on the place you are.

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