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Caribbean Sea Scuba Diving

Diving in a Shark Wall (Bahamas)
The Bahamas offers many different attractions for divers, some of which are characterized by allowing visitors to have close encounters with sharks.

The Bahamas Dolphin Experience (Bahamas)
The Bahamas has a place known as Dolphin Experience in which visitors can interact with dolphins while being into the ocean.

The Shark Rodeo of Bahamas (Bahamas)
There is a place in Bahamas, called Shark Rodeo, which as the name indicates is known by the way in which sharks and human beings can interact.

Have a different dive in Shark Arena (Bahamas)
One of the main Bahamas' areas in which divers can have sharks around them and watch them eating is the Shark Arena.

White Sand Ridge and dolphins (Bahamas)
White Sand Ridge is a particular spot of the Bahamas in which it is not unusual to have encounters with dolphins while diving or even while swimming.

Stingray City and its famous rays (Cayman Islands)
Stingray City, in Cayman Islands, is famous for the great amount of rays it has and allows visitors to enjoy.

The attractions of Bloody Bay Wall (Cayman Islands)
Bloody Bay Wall is a very famous wall diving spots due to the great walls it has.

Diving in Cozumel Island (Mexico)
Cozumel Island is known by divers as one of the most interesting places to go and practice their sport.

The Isle of Youth or Isle of Pines (Cuba)
The Isle of Youth is a very interesting Cuban island. To start with, it has had so many different names that it has actually made it be known as the Thousand Names Island.

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